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New apparel

At this time, apparel is only available in person as we get our brand designs together for online purchase. Come and try on your size this weekend! 

Red and Orange Gradient

The Indigo Adire Culture Collection

The Indigo Adire Culture Collection
This one-of-a-kind collection is captivating customers with it's unparalleled blend of unique designs and limited availability, We suggest you check every weekend for what's left in stock before these designs sell out!

While in Nigeria....

Traditionally, Adire was dyed indigo (dark blue) and it is still the most popular color. Indigo dye is made from indigo leaves or indigo grains. The leaves are ground with water and soda ash, cooked, and then soaked for days to create the color. 

We can't wait to release this new collection for everyone to experience the Magic I felt while creating these pieces in the Motherland.

I teamed up with local artist Chief Mrs Iyabi Oyebamiji. Her chieftaincy title is IYALAJE from yorubaland. We created new handmade apparel made from a mix of Adire materials and Indigo coloring with added adinkra symbols. The process was truly remarkable. Huge Thanks to IYALAJE for the collaboration and helping the vision come to life

Adire, is common among the people of Igboland in Ogun State. Andire, which means "tie and dye" in Yoruba, encompasses a range of textile traditions. 

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