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Meet "TK"

 Creator of Lion Buttaz 


               was born in Nashville, TN and raised in Stone Mountain, GA as Terrance Kendrick. My mom saw at an early age how much I loved the performing arts. Her being my #1 fan and supporter, she signed me up for band class and I joined the marching band in 6th grade. By my 12th grade year, I was a drum major of a 250 piece marching band, leading The Stephenson Sonic Sound Marching Jaguars. This is one of the best  experiences of my childhood. 

After graduating from Tennessee State University with a B.S. degree in Communications, I moved to California to further my career in the industry as a performing artist. As soon as I arrived in LA, I had the opportunity to work multiple film festivals, I interned with Hollywood’s top casting professionals and I was reintroduced to my love of Drum and Dance in the Leimert Park Village.


I've experienced tons of things in Los Angeles, but nothing compares to the love and  happiness I feel from just drumming and dancing in The Village. I was gifted my first drum Djembe from my uncle, which was gifted to him 25 years earlier. With my new gift, I walked into the village ready to play. Unaware of what I was doing, an elder pulled me aside and taught me one of my first drum rhythms. An easy Pakti Pak as we like to refer to playing accompaniment in traditional music. This lesson introduced me to a new language and I studied it at every chance I had. It was similar to job training, where I would sit with anyone who would allow me to learn. 


As I improved, I was able to begin drumming with Pape Diouf from Senegal at Debbie Allen Dance Academy. During this time, I was able to learn and obtain lots from my new teacher Pape. He began to introduce me to African trading, customs, gifts, clothes, and allowed me to do the same at his table. I began selling books, giving knowledge to my community, and my village. It felt great, but there was something I was missing and I believe the community as a whole helped me to see that there was more to life. I spoke with elders, hearing the needs  allowed me to focus my growth and understanding. I was even able to become an apprentice to certain elders in the village. Learning from each of them gave me the opportunity and information to move forward.


It was about 5 years ago that I was shown a box of Shea Butter and it’s been NOTHING BUT THA BUTTAZ EVER SINCE.. 

I have to give thanks to each and every person that has shared energy in this business. My family in Tennessee, Atlanta, and Detroit who buys my products even if they don’t know what they are buying because they support no matter what, to my Cali Kings Basketball Team that rocks THE PRIDE, The Leimert Park Village, Cool Man Calvin “Mr. Throw a Dog a Bone”, The African Drum and Dance community, Ms. Meek Matters Most Queen of the Whip, My Kappa Alpha Psi Brothers, and each and every person who has reposted liked and shared me online. I wouldn’t be here without you. 

I like to refer to my business as my very own ONLINE/POP UP STORE. I specialize in Shea Butter! That’s what I’m known for, THA BUTTAZ, but inside the Lions Den you can find all sorts of Natural essential items. I provide natural soaps, essential oils, smudge items, as well as one of a kind jewelry, herbal supplements, and so much more! The Lion’s Den has something for everyone! The thing that makes me feel most proud is the customer satisfaction. The feedback I get on how great things are reminds me that I’m doing things the way I should be. To receive good energy and give it right back to each customer is the goal and seeing them leave my booth happy with even just a smile and a sample makes me feel great! 

I think the thing that sets me apart from others is my ability to have fun while working! I actually love being out with the people vibing and creating community. Being out vending doesn’t feel like a chore the way a job can feel from time to time. This allows me to engage and connect with my clients in a deeper way and I give thanks. 

Contact me now to place an order or visit me every weekend in Leimert Park!  

Give thanks for your support!

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